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Photos from the April 12, 2002 Citizen of the Year Banquet

Federation Cup Recipient

Frank de la Fe

Frank de la Fe, the Federation's 2001 "Citizen of the Year," has earned his title because of his committment to Fairfax County through participation in a broad range of volunteer activities since 1972.

Frank just completed two terms as the Chairman of the Fairfax County Park Authority Board during which the Park Authority was able to acquire over 4000 acres of open space that will be used for both active and passive recreation for County residents.

A native of Cuba, Frank understands and promotes a multifaceted approach to the diversity of neighborhoods. He has been a proponent of equitable access to active recreation facilities for everyone, including sports groups in search of fields, skateboarders, dog owners, historians, archeologists, as well as for those who seek a quiet moment to observe nature.

Before joining the Park Authority Board, Frank was active in his home community of Reston where he has volunteered as a soccer coach and served as the first Environmental Committee chair of one of Reston's elementary schools. He has served as director of the Reston Environmental Education Foundation, Reston Interfaith, and Reston Association. Most recently, Frank was appointed to serve as Hunter Mill's representative to the County's Planning Commission.

Presentation of Silver Cup

Supervisor Cathy Hudgins presents Washington Post Silver Cup to Citizen of the Year Frank de la Fe as Federation President Art Wells stands by

Frank with cup

Washington Post representative Ted Lutz celebrates with Frank de la Fe.

Citation of Merit

Michael Anzilotti

Michael Anzilotti, cares about people, life in Fairfax County, about youth and the quality of education for all young people, and about business partnerships with the arts and education communities. For the past nine years, Michael Anzilotti has been a leader in business, education, cultural and charitable organizations, and has made a difference through his leadership roles in County wide and regional organizations. He has had leadership roles in the Arts Council of Fairfax County, Northern Virginia Community College Education Foundation, Business Industry Advisory council for Fairfax County Public Schools, and the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce. He also serves on the Board of Trustees of George Mason University Foundation, the American Cancer Society, and the Fairfax City Spotlight on the Arts.

Citation of Merit Winner Michael Anzilotti

Supervisor Mike Frey presents Citation of Merit Award to Michael Anzilotti

Citation of Merit

Charles Creighton

Better known as "Charlie," Charles Creighton has determination and committment to his community of Mason Neck in Mount Vernon District. His vision of a "land swap," or transfer of a large tract of privately owned land on Mason Neck to the public sector, was successfully accomplished in October, 2001. When the Federal government in 1995 declared the D.C. Corrections property at Lorton as surplus and agreed to consider transferring the property to Fairfax County, Charlie went to work. He convinced the owners of Meadowood Farm, the largest private land holding on Mason Neck, to consider swapping their property for developable land on the former prison property. Working with the community, the County and congressional legislators, enabling legislation was passed to facilitate that transfer. As a result of this vision, most of Mason Neck has now been protected as open space and low density residential development, realizing the vision of the community and providing recreational opportunities for County residents and visitors in the future.

Citation of Merit Winner Charlie Creighton

Jean Packard presents Citation of Merit Award to Charlie Creighton

Art presents Glenn with award

Federation President Art Wells presents last year's "Citizen of the Year," Glenn Stroup, with his permanent award

Last year's winner, Glenn, with award

Glenn Stroup with his award

Keynote Speaker: The Hon. Tim Kaine

Keynote Speaker: The Hon. Tim Kaine, Lt. Governor

Lt. Governor and Chairman of the Board

Federation President Art Wells, with Board Chairman Kate Hanley, the Lt. Governor, and Banquet Chairman, Jean Packard

An appreciative crowd of banquet attendees

Federation members and friends celebrate

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